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You are Cordially Invited

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Welcome to My Worlds

Where mermaids hide in the ocean depths and ghosts communicate with the living...

Joie taking a break from creating tales.
A writer at work.

Hello! I'm Joie Lesin. Joie for short. I've been a storyteller for as far back as my memory takes me. I grew up spinning elaborate tales for my imaginary friends and later on for my Barbie dolls. Both reading and writing my own stories have been one of the richest parts of my life. I couldn't imagine my life without either.

With this blog, I plan to give readers a glimpse into my creative works, share my upcoming news and talk about the books and writers that have—and continue to inspire me.

I hope you'll embark on this journey with me.

Step on up, take a seat and let's get started...

Extra! Extra! Grab a cuppa and read all about it!

Joie Lesin, author of speculative fiction

This journey is just beginning

So, please stay tuned as I welcome you into my worlds and explore what inspires me to create them.

Joie Lesin, author of speculative fiction, THE PASSENGER, "She's a 1940s ghost whisperer. He's the son of a ghost. "

Until next time, thank you for travelling this road with me.

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About the Author

Joie Lesin, Author of Speculative Fiction

Minnesota-based author, Joie Lesin is a life-long fiction writer and the author of The Passenger. She has long been fascinated by anything otherworldly including ghosts. She loves to write a good ghost story—especially when it includes a touch of romance.

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