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The Morros

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

I love the ocean. I revel in the sound of the waves sweeping to shore. The sound sometimes loud enough to drown out all others. The briny scent of the sea so ethereal and primitive. Everything about the deep—so powerful, so peaceful, so life-giving and so vast.

I was born on the East Coast, near the Atlantic seaboard in a city by the ocean. Sometimes, I think I was born with sea water in my veins instead of blood. Here's the thing though, when I was six my parents packed our lives up and moved us to the middle of the county without an ocean in sight.

Still, the ocean has always called to me. I miss it and when I'm near it again, it's as if I've been holding my breath and finally able to exhale when the tide rolls over my bare feet.

Throughout my life I've always believed I would move to a coastal city and live out my life there. For one reason or another, this hasn't happened for me—yet. I have, however, found my way back, be it either for a holiday or through my stories.

Morro Rock

One of the destinations my travels have taken me to is California’s Central Coast. It's become the haven that beckons me. Among the places I consider my favorite is the seaside city of Morro Bay. I always love my first sight of Morro Rock. Seeing it feels like a coming home and seeing it is always a must when I visit San Luis Obispo County.

Morro Rock, is one of the “Nine Sisters” located in San Luis Obispo County which are a series of nine volcanic plugs formed millions of years ago.


Morro Rock

The Morros

Steadfast and stoic,

for millions

of years

the sisters stood,


in their


holding back

volcanic fury.

The ocean draws me back and I hope you'll enjoy joining me when my imagination dares to visit.

Until next time,

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About the Author

Joie Lesin, Author of Speculative Fiction

Minnesota-based author, Joie Lesin is a life-long fiction writer and the author of The Passenger. She has long been fascinated by anything otherworldly including ghosts. She loves to write a good ghost story—especially when it includes a touch of romance.

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