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Becoming Ghosts

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Autumn is my favorite season.

Becoming Ghosts - a reflection on why autumn is my favorite season by Joie Lesin

Perhaps it declares there

is beauty in decay.

The leaves change from green

to burnt ochre, flaming

yellow and vibrant fuchsia



they shrivel and drift

from the trees.

Autumn represents a tree's last act

before the cold settles in

before its branches are cloaked in white

before winter makes ghosts





Joie Lesin, author of speculative fiction, "

Until next time… what is your favorite thing about autumn?

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About the Author

Joie Lesin, Author of Speculative Fiction

Minnesota-based author, Joie Lesin is a life-long fiction writer and the author of The Passenger. She has long been fascinated by anything otherworldly including ghosts. She loves to write a good ghost story—especially when it includes a touch of romance.

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